We all do certain things when we’re at home in our comfort zone, but can you imagine having the whole workday to let all your weird hang out? Working in an entirely remote company, we have a blast sharing the funny, frustrating, and often bizarre things that we do and encounter as remote workers.

1. Taking your first 2 calls of the day wearing a robe

2. Making coffee in the middle of meetings while on mute

3. Taking The Lunchtime Shower because you started the day working from your bed

4. Realizing the only friends you see regularly are Ross, Joey, Chandler, Monica, Phoebe, and Rachel.

5. Doing your laundry (in the middle of the workday, of course).

6. Having your boyfriend/hubby to type your Slack responses while you run between activities

7. Going clothes shopping, then exclusively buying pajama sets

8. Announcing to your coworkers that you put on real pants today 👏

9. Making friends with the Amazon Prime and Instacart delivery people. Every delivery person, really

10. Rushing to put on a shirt when you realize everyone else is on video during a call. Pants, of course, are optional. Business on top, party on the bottom! 🎉

11. Being asked to do stuff for friends and neighbors in the middle of the day, because working from home to them means not having a “real” job

12. Having to convince everybody that you do, in fact, have a real job

13. Realizing you’ve never actually met most of the people you work with in real life

14. Using your lunch break to do chores around the house

15. Realizing that your workday at home was far more productive than any you’ve had in an office

16. Seeing the look on people’s faces when you tell them you can work from anywhere you want 😉

17. Initially thinking you’ll work from all kinds of fun and exotic places, but the farthest you ever travel to work is your dining room table

18. Setting your open laptop on the kitchen counter while you prepare a meal

19. Getting excited at the culinary possibilities with all-day access to a kitchen, only to end up eating cereal for every meal

20. Telling your team that you’re going to lunch, but you never actually walk away from your computer

21. Sitting up while working was your greatest non-work accomplishment today

22. Getting exasperated responses from friends when you say you’re exhausted— “…But you work from home.” 😑

23. Talking to your pets more than you talk to people. And bouncing ideas off of your pets

24. Constantly having to apologize for your cat meowing in the background during meetings

25. Being unbelievably nervous when you meet coworkers in person for the first time. It feels like a blind date!

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